Monday, 4 October 2010


I'm having such an FML day. Science all day- it makes me feel stupid, I just don't get half of the stuff we're supposed to get and teacher's frustration doesn't help. I also have a habit of embarrassing myself. In one lesson a guy asked me a question and I went bright red. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way shape or form remotely attracted to him, he's a creep! But just because people were staring at me I suddenly got really embarrassed and went beetroot. The harder I tried to be normal the more fucking red I went -.- I'm going red now just thinking about it, CRINGE. And now he probably thinks I fancy him eve though he's about 2ft tall.I went home for 5 mins after school, made a phone call that lasted 10mins longer than it should have, meaning I practically ran to work, realising half way I didn't have my swimming costume (I work in a swimming pool as a helper and have to wear shorts, a t-shirt and a swimming costume is, of course, an essential -.-) I didn't have time to go back so I rushed there and ran through the park to the pool desperate to be on time, of course they didn't appreciate my efforts. I was then told I could go 5mins early as they didn't need me, sounds nice but I felt so rejected, it pissed me off as I had to just get out te pool and leave in front of everyone. After all this I really wanted a lift home as I was so pissed off, but no, my parents don't answer their phones. I was on the verge of tears after such a shit day when I realised I was walking through the muddiest part of the park that was completely flooded. FML. I just burst int tears, shoved my iPod in and walked home.

Georgina x


  1. Aw no :( Hope tomorrow's better x

  2. I hate going red and it's always when it really just shouldn't happen isn't it? The worst thing is you have no control over it either! It's lame as hell xx

  3. Thanks Jenny :) I know Alex, it's horrible! And the more you try to stop the redder you go :/ x