Saturday, 23 October 2010

Random Animalistic Gathering

I thought I'd share my week with you, in a long, picture heavy post :) But don't let that put you off, these photos took me bloody ages to find and put together! Even if you don't read it all just look at the pretty pictures :) I tried to keep people's faces out of them just because they don't know they're on this blog, that's the reason for the cut-off eyes and backs of people's heads! There are a few faces but they're people I know would be happy to be on here :)

So anyway, this week was 'Rag Week' at my school. I've posted about it before but in case you didn't see- basically we dress up everyday to raise as much money as possible for charity :)

Monday- It was a Cowboys and Indians theme, the majority of people wore jeans and a checked shirt with the odd cowboy hat or headdress! I was boring and went for a shirt and plaited my hair :) Pictures below: top left- arm wrestling competition- basically we watched the boys being overly competitive and earning man-points! Other pictures are of the better costumes :)

Tuesday- Fictional Characters theme and the slave trade (labour trade to be PC). People volunteer to be a slave for the day and groups bid to buy them- one slave was bought for £90 which is pretty good! They then have to obey every command eg. carrying bags, dancing on tables, being painted on etc. Some of the things went way too far like having to lick mayonnaise off each other and other things I won't mention on here :/ There were some good costumes though, I was Daphne from Scooby Doo :)
Pics: Top- Simba & Pikachu, Slave Auction, Bottom- Crowds watching the slaves, Daphne, Minnie Mouse and a wolf!

Tuesday night- it was our first of four sixth form parties :) We had such a good time, we all got wristbands for the bar on entry as they just said 'Are you 18?' so obviously we lied and didn't get IDed haha! The theme was 'P'- I went as a Paratrooper (That's me in my black vest and army headband!) Other costumes were Pink Ladies, Pacman, Pirates, Policemen, Ping Pong Players, Pussycat Dolls etc. The outfits were great!

Wednesday was brilliant but horrible. Everyone was so hungover and in our case still drunk :/ But it was pyjama day so that made it a bit better! It was hilarious seeing a whole school of hungover people walking to school in dressing gowns and trackies! For obvious reasons there weren't many pictures but here are the few I could find...

Thursday- It was Beach Party day which was absolutely ridiculous for the middle of October! The general trend was wearing nice warm woolly clothes with a random flower garland on top, but a few people went all out with grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts...

Friday- The last day and a pretty good theme- Superheroes :) Most people had given up by now and just wore a mask or some pants over their jeans :P It was also the talent show which wasn't great, apart from the teacher's band!
Pics: Top- Superheroes, Batman, Bottom- People off 'That Mitchell and Webb Look' apparently and right- me and the girl who was supposed to be an incredible too- poor effort!
I won't bore you any longer with more ramblings, thanks so much for reading or just looking at the photos!

Georgina xx


  1. That has got to be the best week ever!

  2. my school is so dull compared to this! looks prtty darn amazing.

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  4. Haha it was a really fun week! Difficult to find so many costumes though :/ x

  5. Haha your school sounds brilliant. We have one non-uniform day a year if we're lucky! xx