Sunday, 3 October 2010

Rags to Riches

Poor blogging again- it's now become a weekend thing just cos I'm so busy during the week! I am sorry, I do try to keep you updated but it's just finding the time that's tricky.

Well I'll tell you about last night, it was very random... There are quite a lot of new people at our sixth form and we're just starting to get to know them really. Anyway it was one guy's birthday yesterday so he invited a few people round his house even though he doesn't know them that well! It turned out to be 5 girls and one guy from our secondary school then about 12 new guys that none of us knew! It was quite a good night, his parents were so nice- he's just moved from France so they're really keen for him to make new friends in England. They kept bringing out food and beers and making sure we were ok- embarrassing for him but it was so sweet!

Anyway, lots more happened than that but I won't bore you! I was gonna tell you about our school's rag week. They do it every year and basically there's a theme everyday and you pay £1 to dress up. It's in 2 weeks and they've just announced the themes...

Monday- Cowboys and IndiansTuesday- Fictional CharactersTuesday night- our sixth form has about 4 parties a year, they're not organised by the school (as the teachers like to remind us!) but they're apparently pretty good :) The theme is 'P' so you could be a punk/panda/priest/prisoner/pirate etc.
Wednesday- Pyjamas (purposefully put the day after the party as every one's tired and hungover!)
Thursday- Beach Party (who thought of this theme for winter!?)
Friday- Superheroes
So yars, it's going to be a pretty funny week seeing everyone dressed up :) If you have any costume suggestions then please tell me, I need ideas!

Thanks for reading,

Georgina xx


  1. I love this idea! Especially the Fictional Characters and Superheroes days.

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  2. That sounds so much fun. My sixth form never did anything like that :(:(. I hope you have an amazing week.. I'd love to see some pictures of everyone dressed up too.:)

  3. It was a great week! There are some pictures further up :) Thank you both for commenting x