Saturday, 30 October 2010

A Place In This World

Just thought I'd show you some pics from our recent family holiday to Norfolk :) (Family meaning me and my parents (minus my bro), my uncle Guy plus wife and three kids and my uncle Toby plus wife and two kids. So a pretty big bunch, 12 to be exact...) We rented a really nice big house which was cosy and countryside-ish...and right next to the sea :)

We didn't do much, it was mainly rainy walks and lazing around at home. I was lucky as I got to be a kid and spend time with my cousins and go to 'Bewilderwood' (a giant adventure play place in the woods) but I still got to spend time with the adults and have nice meals and drink posh wine :P Though one night I was used as a babysitter for all 5 kids!

Above Left- Me and my cousin Ted on a very cold and rainy walk. Right- Me and my mum by the seaside. Sorry the pictures are of myself, I didn't want to put pictures of all my cousins up for the usual reasons :)

Above- we went on a boat to see some seals, in the rain which was lovely! They were amazing, just lolling around on the beach, must've been freezing though even with all that blubber!

Above- Our pumpkin :) It wasn't quite Halloween but why not? My mum, two cousins and I carved it, please appreciate the incredible artwork ;)

On the last day we went crabbing which I've never actually done before. We caught loads of crabs! We let them go afterwards of course, mind you they did suffer a bit as they were kept in a bucket and held lots :/
The crabs did get a bit angry when we let them out onto the concrete...they all made it safely back to the sea eventually though, don't worry :)

Above- a collage picture in a little art gallery in the seaside town, I love it :)

Above- my dad and I just before we left, my mum managed to get the seagull in the background :P

So yes, overall it was a really nice holiday :) I love spending time with the family however cheesy it sounds and it was good to get away, but I now have all my homework to catch up on, bad times :/

Anyway, hope you're all well, thanks for reading :)

Georgina xx


  1. HUGE family! Our family vacations usually consist of the four of us --- mum, dad, sister and me. Looks like you had a lovely holiday. :)

  2. This is really nice Georgina, thanks for sharing looks like you had a wonderfull time : )

  3. Looks like a very nice vacation. I love your coat.

  4. Yer i suppose we do have a big family, that's with all the cousins though! It was a great holiday! Thank you Sunny/Star, it's from Topshop :)

    Thank you for commenting x