Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Three Lines on the Shirt, all Drawn with a Ruler

Last weekend I did my Duke of Edinburgh Silver expedition. I won't go on about it for too long but I'll explain the basics :) On Friday we left school at about 2 and stayed overnight (camping of course) On Saturday we walked 20km, camped overnight, walked 18km on Sunday and 12km on Monday. It was very hard- we went to Exmoor which is really hilly and it was so hot! I didn't think I'd enjoy it but I really did. I'll admit that I absolutely hated those hills but you soon forget the pain and remember the fun :) That sounds so corny, I apologise!

This is our group photo on 'the beacon' on top of the moors somewhere. We had a good group, half boys half girls so we didn't have to look at the map and they didnt have to cook (very stereotypical, sorry!)

This is us three girls, I have to say, not looking our best- no make up, unwashed hair and looking pretty sweaty! I guess that's part of it :/ That's Fran, Me and Bekah in case you were wondering :)

This one's a bit random...We had to carry food/tents/sleeping bag etc. and when you take your bag off it makes you feel like your yes, I'm demonstrating this in the photo :D

The group on a well-earned break :)

One of the many beautiful views, we walked by the coast for a lot of the way and it was so pretty!

So yes I said I wouldn't go on for too long, I hope that was nice and brief :)

Thanks for reading, I really do appreciate followers and your comments mean a lot :) Bit of a soppy ending, sorry guys!

P.S The title of this post has a bit of a story... I stupidly thought that the football song 'Three lions on the shirt' was 'Three lines on the shirt' so I had that sung to me all weekend. I also asked someone what football team their hat was, when it was England, that's how the song was brought up!


  1. lovely view!
    sounds like you had a great trip.

  2. It was really good thanks :) Yer it's a really pretty place x