Thursday, 24 June 2010

Football and Photos

Ahh I'm such a busy bee at the moment, even though school's finished and exams are over I still manage to have too much to do! I had my last exam yesterday finally! I felt like the only person who wasn't free yet :(

So anyway it was the England v Slovenia football game as you probably already know :P I went to my friend's house to watch the match- we're not really into football but you know, it's the world cup we've got to make something of it! To be honest we weren't really watching it, it was in the background while we talked and took photos!

Thats' our little family photo :) I don't usually like putting people's pictures on here seeing as no one knows about this blog but ahh well, a few won't hurt, hey?

The one above's pretty funny- we put the camera on self timer so we all sat there smiling when Lydia (middle) shouted "Look they've scored!" so we all turned to the TV looking really shocked and confused and then we realised it was half time and they were replaying the goal! Classic photo, I love our bemused faces!

This one's a bit I said I don't really like putting photos of other people on here so I found one that was just of me. It was supposed to be really cool because one eye would be bigger than the other, I guess it didn't really work!

From there I went on to my other friend's house, with the T4 on the beach girls, to practice setting up the tent and just for a general gathering :) That was really good fun, there are some photos but I'll put those up another time. We stayed over in the tent which is amazing! It's a giant teepee that easily fits the 7 if us who are going, plus all of our stuff...ooh I'm excited now :D

Being the busy person that I am, I woke up in the morning and rushed home for a shower so I could go to someone's birthday meal. It was good but a bit awkward because they're not really my group of friends, so I had to keep making small talk...ahh well it was good to see some more people! I went shopping for a bit then had to go DofE food shopping which just wore me out to be honest!

So that leads me nicely on to my last point- I won't be posting for a bit because I have my silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition over the weekend. I'm actually dreading it, we're wallking for 3 days and camping for 3nights in Exmoor. It better not rain! I'm back on Monday so I'll post some pictures if we get any good'uns :)

I hope you're all ok, thanks for reading!

Georgina x

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