Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Good Times Are Calling

I'll admit this post is a bit delayed but ahh well I thought I'd share my Thursday night with you :) Basically we went camping in the woods with a load of people from my year...

I'll be honest with you, it's not a great story, nothing interesting happened, I suppose it was quite surreal. We got there at about 7.30 and it was so awkward- you know at school when there are different groups that tend not to mix? Well it was a handful of people from each group so no one really knew who to talk to. Eventually, at about 10 o'clock, it got dark and most people had had quite a bit to drink so we all relaxed and started to come out of our shells :)

Apart from the odd drama of people getting too drunk or losing things nothing really happened! It was just a relaxed night, we sat around the campfire talking to a load of people we hadn't seen properly in a while, which was good. I like things like that where groups mix together and you end up speaking to people you never thought you'd be friends with :) Anyway, I went to bed at about 2.30 but didn't get any sleep. Everyone was so loud outside the tent, they were literally talking (and shouting) all night!

I got up at 4.30 (it was light at 4 so everyone was up) to help my friend find her shoes because some idiot had been throwing them round the night before. It was so surreal waking up in a wood with all the trees and the campfire still burning! We couldn't find the missing shoe so I went back to bed til 5.30 and managed to get a few minutes of sleep!

At 5.30 we all got up to pack up the tents and everyone was gone by 6.30. We waited for my friend's mum to bring her some shoes and then as most of us couldn't go home (because it was such a stupid time in the morning) we went and sat outside Tesco's for a bit. It's right next to our school so the teachers started arriving which was quite funny! I walked home at 8 and went straight to bed. I was so tired I didn't wake up until 3.30! My parents thought I'd snuck into bed in the middle of the night!

So yeah, it was a good night, I'm glad I went even if it wasn't the most exciting of evenings! I do love camping. Ok I didn't sleep, I had sticks in my back all night and I felt pretty shit in the morning but all in all we had a good time :D I think people are already planning to do it again...

Thanks for reading :)

Georgina xx

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  1. I love the last part <3 your parents must make you laugh at times x

  2. Hey :)
    I love the last photo with the socks and the eet and the tent etc. ahha
    So dropping by to thank you for following 7things. Thanks.
    Maly Xx.

  3. Thanks for your comments, yeah parents can be pretty naive! x