Sunday, 18 April 2010

Another Sunny Day

Oh dear, my bad-blogger-syndrome is back. Instead of making another post full of apologies and excuses I will try and make an interesting one :) Well to be honest, I haven't had the most exciting of weeks, here's how it went (with a load of pretty pictures to make it look nice!):

Monday- the first day back after the holidays always seems to be the funniest, I suppose it's because I hadn't seen my friends that much over easter. I did get a bit stressed though with so much art to do, most of this was taken out on my mum :/ The old people's home was boring as per and I didn't go to young farmers, I was too busy stressing!

Tuesday- In the morning I had my sixth form interview which was utterly pointless and should not be awarded that title. Later on- even though I'm allowed to miss double PE every week for art, I couldn't be bothered to clear the stuff from my lonely corner in the art room, and it was so sunny outside! So I played badminton and golf- basically sat on the field talking to my friends, good old Mr PE man even stuck up for us when the evil PE lady told us off.

Wednesday- I finally took in my life drawing to show my art teacher, I got some nice comments as well as a lot of funny looks from people looking at the fat naked people all over my desk

Thursday- my parents went away, meaning there was no one to wake me up...even thought I set 4 alarms I woke up at 11 o'clock and practically ran to school, haha I made it just in time for maths :P I also had to lie and say I'd been at the orthodontist, they'll never know ;)

Friday- another sunny day, finished off with double french, it sounds evil but it can be pretty fun!
Saturday- did lots of art (again!) then went to the park for a BBQ which was good, it was a very random bunch of folk but good times all the same!

So yes, a pretty average week in the life of me :) I'm so glad the sun's back out, I do love the winter but nothing can beat a few rays, it's got us all planning for the summer- 12 weeks of nothingness and time, sounds like heaven :)

Thanks for reading, I hope you're all well and enjoying the lovely weather (if you've been lucky like us!)

Georgina xx


  1. Aw this post really made me smile :] x

  2. Thank you, they're all from :) x