Tuesday, 19 April 2011

You felt as if you'd just woke up...

I just got back from my Gold DofE practice expedition in the Lake District. We canoed down Ullswater lake for a day, walked up and around a mountain then canoed back. I'll be honest with you I wasn't looking forward to it, I didn't enjoy Silver as it was just walking so my hopes weren't too high. But I guess it was just a whole different experience. Our group got on so well, there were no arguments, everyone joked around with each other, there were no separate groups and we just all got on so well. Plus however cheesy it sounds we worked so well as a team :) The place we went to was beautiful, we didn't really appreciate it until the last night when we stayed on a really quiet campsite on the side of a mountain. We had our own little spot with a view of the mountains and the whole lake. We set up the tents and had a little campfire. There was a full moon and loads of stars, it was just magical. I loved it. And even thought I'd been wearing the same clothes all weekend, hadn't showered in days, hadn't slept well and was freezing cold, I didn't want to go home. I just wanted to stay there in our little bubble of the lake district. In our little group (aka the Reem Team) taking the piss out of each other whilst cooking crappy food and looking out over the lake. Just lovely.

Just a pretty song really.

So I suppose I've learnt to appreciate the little things a bit more. Today I've been more proactive- got loads done but enjoyed it. It won't last but it is nice. I watched TV that I normally love and just found it pointless and crap. I sat outside in the garden but didn't have a problem with just doing nothing. Just little things, I feel happier, I'm more me. I've been crazy all weekend but I've been nice and got on with people and not been a bitch and not argued and not been moody. I've loved it. I just got away and was happy and me. At peace.

Me xx

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