Sunday, 5 December 2010

Just a Lonely Radio

Last night I went to see Johnny Flynn in Birmingham. I've listened to his music before and like it but never really properly got into it. But seeing him live made me appreciate his music so much more. It's so real and he's an amazing musician, not some fake commercialised crap (Think Mumford & Sons/Laura Marling). Don't get me wrong, I like chart music but it's good to hear some good simple songs, made for a love of music not just to make money. So this post may be a long one but it is to show you the wonder that is Johnny Flynn in the hope you'll like his music too :)

Here's one of his many great songs, this is the one I though best summed up his style of music but yeah, look at some others too :)

We didn't know who the support acts were going t be because it just said 'and other performances' but they were surprisingly good. The first, 'Melodica, Melody and Me' were similar to Johnny Flynn, folky indie music with a load of random instruments. I was surprised at how good they were! The second act was Basia Bulat who was annoying at first but she really connected with the audience and looked like she was having a great time, she did go a bit crazy though :P Here's the video for 'Ode to a Mountain' :)

That's the end of my long-winded, Johnny Flynn and others post :) I hope you enjoyed it, I'm not posting as much as I should just because of school and blah blah blah but I will try to keep you updated :)

Thanks for reading,

Georgina xx


  1. oooh i <3 johnny flynn! so jelous of you that you got to see him! :-( i love tickled me pink by him!

    sorry for the capitals, but i do just adore johnny flynn!

  3. Do go and see him if you get the chance, he was great! I love his music so much more than i did before :) x