Saturday, 18 December 2010

My Little Haunting

Drugs. Not illegal ones, prescribed ones. But still shit.

I am having every single side effect on the leaflet. I've woken up to blinding headaches, been sick, had a sore throat, dizziness and indigestion. I feel constantly tired but still can't sleep. They won't leave me alone. And of course my parents don't know so I also have to act like it's 'just a bug.'

I can cope for a few days but when you read that they may last 'for 2-3 weeks' it's pretty crap. I am not having this ruin my exams or my christmas for that matter. Right now I need my concentration. Eurgh.

I don't feel like me at all.


  1. <3 Hope you're feeling better soon

  2. That sounds horrible.
    I've just recovered from the cold.
    So I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope you're feeling better soon ):