Sunday, 7 November 2010

Remember, remember...

Hey guys, hope you've all enjoyed the weekend and you Brits had a good Bonfire night :) Just a little update of what I've be up to and a few photos...

I was really gutted when we came back from Norfolk- I thought I'd take some pictures of the amazing colours in our garden to show you, so I got my camera only to find half of the leaves had fallen and the other half were brown :( I found this one from a few weeks go though :)

On Saturday the family got together for my Grandad's 80th birthday. It was really nice to see everyone, even though the meal was a bit rushed. This was his cake (He's a rower as you might have guessed!)

We went for a little walk afterwards so I took some more photos :)

My aunt and uncle were supposed to stay over on Saturday but decided not too at the last minute so my parents went to our town's bonfire and fireworks on their own. They got some really good pictures though...
As for me, I watched them from a hill with my best friend Ffi (it's were all the stingy people who don't wanna stand in a crowd go :P) Afterwards we went to Chazzy's house where 8 of us sat around all evening watching 'Clueless' and 'Scary Movie' We had a good time but lost track of time so I didn't get home til 1.30 :/

Hope you like the photos, thanks for reading :)

Georgina x

P.S Listen to this Jamie T cover, it's lovely :) Leddra Chapman- Sheila

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