Saturday, 13 November 2010

Diamonds in the Dark

Tonight Bee came to my house just to hang around, watch X-factor and eat pizza and ice-cream! We actually had such a good chat. It's seems cheesy and generic but it really makes you realise who your friends are. We get on so well and can just chat for hours either about nothing in particular or about really serious things that we are genuinely worried about. And I know not everyone's perfect, I see flaws in all my friends, and myself of course, but people need to start accepting the bad with the good. Bee has had such a hard time with people before and still gets crap for the tiniest of things. People just fail to realise that life's to short to be a bitch, yeah we all have our moments but in general it doesn't hurt to be nice. My 'other friends' are being twats at the moment. We all joke around and sometimes the 'banter' goes a bit far but normally we know when to stop and recognise when people are upset. However that isn't the case this time. I'm just so glad I have people to turn to otherwise I really dunno what I'd do. It's real friends like Bee that we need and there's no reason to sit and take anyone's crap when all it does is get you down. I'm sure everyone can relate.

Georgina xx


  1. Glad to hear you had a good time! Banter is the life of all of the guys at my school, hah, they do go too far sometimes too! x

  2. Reading this made me smile.


  3. This made me smile loads, it's not cheesy in any way; little things like that can brighten up your week so much. It's good to know you've got people to turn to aswell :)


  4. I'm glad you guys liked this :) Thanks for commenting and reading it in the first place, it means a lot :) x