Friday, 11 March 2011

White Blank Page

I'm a happy chappy. I've had a good week. Last week was long and slow and boring with no motivation and a lack of smiles. This weeks has been varied, it's gone quickly and lots has come out of it.

Thursday was As level results day. It also happened to be the same day I had a course for work so when everyone found out their results, I was sat in a room listening to some old guy waffle on about common sense. I could have rung the school but I couldn't stand the thought of someone reading my results to me! I went in at the end of the day and had to painfully wait while the teacher searched through every list trying to find my name.

I'll be honest I was expecting the worst, I'm aiming for As but was expecting Ds and Es. In the end I got AAB (As in Physics and Biology and B in Chemistry) which I was pretty chuffed with :) I'll have to resit the B which seems pathetic but I really do need an A to be a vet! As for the A in physics, that's a miracle! I cant wait to see my cocky teacher who told me I would never get an A however hard I worked.

As for the rest of the year group, there's a lot of disappointment. I've never heard so many Us and Es going round the place, it's mental. Thank God for resits!

Hope you're all good you were pleased with any results you've got recently :)

Thanks for reading,

Georgina xx


  1. Well done :D I know what you mean about retaking a B, a couple of my friends are retaking chemistry as well xx

  2. Congratulations, that's really good! And I'm sure you'll get that A on your resit :)

    Jess xx

  3. Thank you all, it means a lot :D xx