Saturday, 14 May 2011

An Education

Last night I watched 'An Education', a film set in the 60's (based on a true story) about a girl pushed but her parents to go to Oxford, but who gets distracted from her goal by an older man (I have to say I preferred his friend but whatever). I don't watch films very often, especially if they seem serious or not an absolute 'must-see', but 'An Education' was really good. It did have some more lighthearted bits but the general plot was fairly serious.

The ending was a bit disappointing but the film itself was brilliant. I suppose a lot of it shows just a normal girl's day-to-day life (obviously not including meeting a man/ going to Paris etc.) but the relationship she has with her parents and her friends is definitely something a lot of us could relate to. In fact I liked it so much that I watched half of it again this evening...oh dear. Well I recommended it to my parents and they were watching it and I got hooked :P

It also gave me a bit of motivation to work, just the general message of 'You can achieve what you want' has given me a bit of a boost. Revision's hard, especially when you know you have to work and you know you want to, there's just that part of you, the lazy bit, that tells you to do something else. I suppose 'A Education' made me realise that I can go far if I work hard. Yes I know I sound cheesy, but I really am desperate for motivation at the moment!

I hope you're all ok, thanks for reading and watch this film of you get a chance!

Georgina xx

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